Bush Studio E1 Bush Studio I1 Bush Studio E2 Bush Studio I3Bush Studio: Rosemount
This studio is in the woods of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It features plywood interior and significant glass frontage to take advantage of the bush views. It also has a central meeting point with custom-made timber furniture workspaces. From inside, the view is showcased in the very best way: thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, propelling you into the scenery, complete with six-metre drop to the forest floor.

The interior decor is very Danish, all varnished blonde timber with minimal splashes of colour courtesy of fresh flowers on the central meeting table and an Aboriginal dot painting on the walls. The end result is a charming space, symmetrical, simple and spartan.

Design Awards
2014 NABD Nationals Finalist for Best Sustainable Commercial Building
2014 BDAQ State Design Award Winner – Best Sustainable Building Design Commercial Building
2014 BDAQ State Design Award Finalist – For Best Commercial Building
2014 BDAQ Regional Design Award Winner – For Best Commercial Building